Specalised In Pain
Management And Rehab

To touch is to care – through massage we become aware of our ability to heal and help many stress-related problems. With everyday life our bodies become stressed, tight and sore.

Throughout our lifetimes, we all experience some muscle pain and discomfort. This pain and tenderness may be a direct result of injury, disease or it may occurred following a strenuous sport activity, repetitive work or as a result of lifting something, or structural misalignment.

Massage not only improves circulation and repairs muscles, but also helps improve movement and range of movement of joints.

Clinical Neuromuscular Treatment Massage is a holistic (whole body), SPECIFIC remedial massage approach to restore the structural, functional and postural integrity of the body to address the problem of pain. Advanced techniques and thoughts will be applied through the use of pressure therapy and other forms of body therapies.

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy (CNMT) also take into consideration the clients condition, health, emotional status and psychological status. In order to be successful the therapist has to think beyound conventional therapy.

An excellent treatment for people with chronic pain, lack of range of movement, ongoing headaches, mirganes, back pain, frozen shoulders, jaw problems (TMJ), sciatic pain, neck pain and lack of movement.