Neuromuscular Massage Rockingham

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy is a Structural Body work which is more sophisticated than straight out remedial massage, in that it seeks not only to eliminate pain and restruiction through releasing locally involved dense and fibrotic tissues, but goes further in endeavouring to find out if there is a structural/postural cause or relationship to the original symptom/pain/restriction.

​This is a specialised approach to treating chronic and recurring pain using advanced Neuromuscular techniques. Looking at the body as a “whole unit’, this approach goes so much further in that it generally helps to prevent the original pain or restricting from recurring.

​Excellent for ongoing back pain, joint pain, TMJ pain (Jaw pain), ringing of the ears, clicking or pain in the jaw. Cranial compression & decompression, Chronic neck pain or any neck pain and whiplash. Sevices can be combined, for example you can book a two hour treatment and have reflexology and full body relaxating massage or a neuromuscular and relaxating massage afterwards or reflexology, totally up to you what you desire.

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Neuromuscular Massage Rockingham