Masseter Trigger points and causes



“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain”
carl jung

Do you suffer from Jaw Pain, Ear pain, teeth, face or sinus pain?  Do you suffer from headaches that won’t go away no matter how many pain killers you take?  Do you get ringing in the ears called tinnnitus?  Have you ever thought it could be something else that is causing the pain?

Masseter is a powerful muscle used from chewing and biting, with trigger points in these muscle they can cause a lot of pain which is usually misdiagnosed as tooth problems, sinusitis, chronic headaches or tinnitus.

Getting worked on the trigger points through trigger point massaging will help to release the tension in the muscles that cause the chronic pain, no only releasing the trigger point but also improving the opening of the mouth.


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