Pregnancy Massages Experiences





Finding out that you are pregnant is one of the most wonderful experiences one could have in your life.  Whether you are planning on starting a family or an unexpected surprise to the family, it is one of the worlds wonders, the creation of life.

During the first trimester  of pregnancy the body will go through a lot of changes, the breast become sensitive or sore, you may suffer from a bit of morning sickness with nausea or vomiting, fatigue happens when the hormones change and increase of urination.  You may come sensitive to some food smells, but it isn’t all bad.

From the second trimester it starts to really get exciting, morning sickness eases off, tiredness lessens and all of a sudden you love all kinds of foods again.  Also from the second Trimester on wards you can get pregnancy massages. Yes massages, may women have reported it helps them all the way through their pregnancy easing the ache in the lower back, upper back, neck and legs. Even the massage over the growing stomach the baby with enjoy and quite often will move close to the surface to feel the massage.

Why not book in a experience the joys of a pregnancy massage today

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